Anonymous – Wing of Church of Scientology?

            Google “Scientology” and see how many hits you get. A lot huh? How about “Anonymous Scientology”? Hmm, almost as many.  If you don’t know (say, you’re living without electricity and newspapers in Antarctica) Anonymous is a group of well, anonymous people, who mostly gather online and are supposedly against Scientology.


            Recently, The Church of Scientology has begun a massive online advertising campaign. One might think this campaign is an attempt to combat the black hat tactics employed by Anonymous, but is it really? Or is it simply capitalizing on the public awareness created through the controversial ‘anonymous’ attacks.


            A long time media analyst has been quoted as saying, “It is far easier to rehabilitate a bad name that has had broad media coverage than it is to simply get good coverage in the first place.” And of course the old saw, “There’s no such thing as bad press” also comes to mind.


            If this were simply a short term capitalistic foray, the idea of instilling a poor image of your product on the public consciousness and then rehabilitating that image might seem a little ridiculous; but this is a religion. Scientology has big goals; ending war and crime, rights for honest people, etc. These aren’t short term objectives so maybe there is a worthwhile trade, publicity wise.


            There is also the point of establishing a religion, historically no simple task. “All major established religious sects have gone through persecution, attacks, and public smear campaigns. It’s like a right of passage for religions,” says one religious observer. “These attacks can strengthen their communities and even create sympathy in those who aren’t followers. The attacks also have the effect of filtering out the weak and fearful and attracting the interest of the bold and curious giving the upstart religion a very capable pool of talent to recruit from.”


            So is Anonymous the publicity wing of the Church of Scientology? It’s hard to say, they are anonymous after all. It could be anyone behind those masks, maybe John Travolta and Tom Cruise, who knows? Is it likely? No, not likely. Is Anonymous really doing long term damage to the Church of Scientology? It certainly doesn’t look like it. If anything it looks like they are plowing the fields for the growth of the world’s next major religion.


            And by the way, if it does turn out that Travolta and Cruise are behind those masks, you heard it here first.


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20 Responses to “Anonymous – Wing of Church of Scientology?”

  1. imominous Says:

    Yeah, that would explain a lot!

    Like, why the “church” of Scientology is being smacked down for its behavior on national, international, state and local levels.

    That explains why so many ex-members have joined Anonymous, helping to identify loved ones lost to the cult by their families.

    It explains why the fear of Scientology harassment is diminished, so people are speaking out; in the St. Petersburg Times, in Denmark, in France and Germany.

    It would explain why we gather once a month outside Scientology buildings with signs that say things like, ‘Scientology Destroys Families!”

    You silly man! Don’t you pay attention at all? Anonymous is a branch of Big Pharma, designed specifically to destroy mankind’s only hope, Scientology! Scientology works, and it helps people.

    And happy, productive people aren’t gonna be buying what Big Pharma is selling.

    BTW, if you see any Pfizer reps, please tell them my check is like, over a year and a half late!


    • jwmadison Says:

      ktksbai, you are very passionate.

      You are not, however, addressing the main point of my post. Anonymous is making Scientology a household name and the church is capitalizing on it.

      Historically religions don’t fail from external pressure, they thrive on it. If Scientology fails it will be from within.

      Anonymous isn’t hurting Scientology it is helping it.

  2. Anonsoldier Says:

    Well, if I’m really representing a front group for the Church of Scientology, I demand my back pay NOW. I’ve put in long hours trying to publicize their crimes, and if they think they can just not pay me for my services of airing to the world their child labor, human trafficking, torture, disconnection from families, litigious harassment of critics, stalking, assault, and falsification of crimes (as just a small sampling) then THEY GOT ANOTHER THING COMING!!

    Seriously, a front group? They’re not even a religion, they’re a criminal organization that pretends to sell you self-help in the guise of calling themselves a church to avoid taxes. What’s so religious about that? Freezone, THAT is a religion (a kooky one, but still far more valid than the Church of Scientology).

  3. anon Says:

    lol more tinfoil hat please.

  4. thetagal Says:

    Wild speculation, to say the least. Lots of advertisment simply shows that they are in the condition of emergency, and need to promote. That is the rule. In emergency, your first action is to promote. So when you see a lot of advertising, the emergency is HUGE.

    It has nothing to do with Anonymous or their gatherings.

  5. imominous Says:

    I think you need to word-clear “promote.”
    Which of these comes closest to your meaning?

    1. to help or encourage to exist or flourish; further: to promote world peace.
    2. to advance in rank, dignity, position, etc. (opposed to demote ).
    3. Education. to put ahead to the next higher stage or grade of a course or series of classes.
    4. to aid in organizing (business undertakings).
    5. to encourage the sales, acceptance, etc., of (a product), esp. through advertising or other publicity.
    6. Informal. to obtain (something) by cunning or trickery; wangle.

    The relevant definitions seem to imply that “promote” does something beneficial to the target. I hardly think Anonymous is promoting Scientology in a beneficial way. Perhaps our efforts have made Scientology more widely known than it once was. But the unfortunate thing is, being known for abusive and exploitive behavior and fraud isn’t really a promotion as much as it is an exposure. Anyone who hears about Scientology from Anonymous isn’t likely to feel like running out and joining.

  6. imominous Says:

    I mistook your article for satire. Now I see you are quite serious about it.
    You poor thing!

    • jwmadison Says:

      By ‘word-clear’ I presume you mean ‘look up in a dictionary’?

      As far as Google Ad-Sense is concerned anonymous is promoting Scientology, by putting the term Scientology on hundreds of thousands of websites for the Church of Scientology’s advertising to connect with.

      My article is patently not satire, perhaps the word you are looking for is hyperbole?

  7. Terryeo Says:

    Knowledge, responsibility and control define cause. Increasing any of these three defines an increases of causation. Well said, jwmadison.

  8. Dean Fox Says:

    The origins of Anonymous are steeped in mystery. Perhaps they were set up by the organisation calling itself the church of scientology. Perhaps they were specifically set up by Marty Rathbun, this would certainly make sense since it is they who are capitalising on the situation rather well at the moment.

    Let’s face it before Anonymous the organisation was ignored, it being just another quack cult. Now it is a household name but for all the “wrong” reasons, well at least if you’re the one wanting to promote it. Obviously reformation is the next step but how best to achieve this? Well you need a scapegoat. COB’s and CEOs are always been scrapped when a company needs a major overhaul to improve its public image.

    With this organisation the public image is David Miscavige. He too has become a public name, he is the one responsible for everything bad in the eyes of the public. He is the “abusive asthmatic dwarf” at the centre of the rot. Obviously any reformation necessitates his removal.

    So what’s the plan, well things are going to keep getting worse until they get better. Things will only get better when David Miscavige falls from grace, hard; alas this organisation doesn’t believe in golden parachutes and if there is one image everyone has in mind it is that of David Miscavige the squirrel; the man responsible for perverting the tech twice since Hubbard’s death and that is a high crime.

    After Miscavige has been appropriately dealt with by the organisation Mike Rinder and Marty Rathburn will step in and reform the organisation to give it a nice shiny new public image. They will also release the real tech based on the real writings of L Ron Hubbard and not the Golden Age of tech squirrel nonsense that pulled the troubles in in the first place.

    • jwmadison Says:

      I’ve checked out a fair number of websites/blogs by Scientologists and they’ve all seemed fairly rational, however, most Anonymous sites contain rambling disjointed nonsense like this.

      Which group should I listen to?

  9. Anawny Moose Says:

    Awesome, so according to your logic anybody who crusades against anything is in fact trying to promote that thing.

    Boy won’t our faces be red when scientology’s outlawed in several countries and their leaders indighted for fraud, only to have it all magically go away because people are talking about scientology!

    Even though we do nothing but say it’s a cult!

    It is a cult, by the way. One that wants your money and will work you to the very bone under the guise of “clearing the planet.” It’s not viral marketing, it’s not lies that are supposed to be cleared up (we’ve been doing this for a year and a half now, when’s that supposed to happen exactly?), we really want the corporate arm of the “church” dismantled and its leaders sent to jail for fraud and human rights abuses.

    Keep up with the tinfoil theories though. Those westborough baptist church guys? They’re all actually gay, it’s a backwards way of promoting homosexuality. Just don’t tell them.

    • jwmadison Says:

      Every major religious sect today has been outlawed at some time in its history and its leaders have been imprisoned or worse.

      Religions don’t fail because they are attacked they fail because their followers convert to other religions.

  10. layarbahtera Says:


    Please visit
    Please refer to someone incharged for whatever religion you are. This is an extremely important message for all mankind.


    • jwmadison Says:

      Thank you layarbahtera. You are a breath of fresh air. Even if I can’t understand a word you say. Still, A breath of fresh air.

  11. Max Champion Says:

    The thing is that Anonymous is having a huge effect INSIDE Scientology – with many, many people leaving the cult as a consequence of what they’ve learned after the Anonymous protests sparked their curiosity.

    Just today, a woman in Macedonia told me that she left because people were bringing into the Church org where she worked media articles about Scientology and Anonymous. She read the articles so she could refute them. Then she began to research for herself. Now, she’s out and active in combatting Scientology.

    In a sense, you’re right. If all Anonymous achieved was lifting the profile of Scientology, for good or bad, that wouldn’t be enough. But that’s not all they’ve achieved.

    And, wait, there’s more to come.

  12. imominous Says:

    Unverifiable? Okay, that’s acceptable. Just another anecdotal account.

    However, there is plenty of verifiable information suggesting anonymous is having an impact, as Scientology programs are being shut down or rejected at state and local levels. The soldiers don’t need inspiration.

    If you’re going to pontificate, you should at least know something about the subject. In this case, a google search would enlighten you. Major media stories have exposed the abuses Scientology tries to keep hidden. Ex-members are speaking out, and some are suing for compensation for years of privation and abuse.

    Best of all, the Scientology organization’s latest spokesman, Tommy Davis, not only admitted that beatings and abuses have been allowed at Gold Base, but also that members’ personal auditing files are not confidential and information therein will be used against them.

    This is a serious demotivator and a matter of some concern amongst remaining members. The walls of secrecy are crumbling. The truth is coming out. Ideal Org buildings purchased by members are empty and not being maintained. The Superpower building in Clearwater is still not completed. Scientology’s ridiculous stance on modern medicine is being tied to high profile cases like Jett Travolta’s tragic death.

    The Scientology organization is no longer controlling the flow of information to its members, who are beginning to realize the extent to which they have been lied to by David Miscavige’s regime.

    The people whose stories these are can be found blogging on the web and you can actually contact them with questions.

    It’s pretty obvious you’ve made up your mind already, and are merely trying to manipulate reality to fit your pretty theory. If you did some research instead of just strutting around saying, “I’M RIGHT AND YOU’RE WRONG!” you’d probably change your tune or STFU in embarrassment.

  13. layarbahtera Says:

    The sign of The Almighty’s arrival: A face in the sky video

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