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The Community of Power

July 20, 2009

            Terminology is vital for effective communication of any ideology. In fact, terminology is so vital it can quite often be used in lieu of substance.


Take for instance, the social sciences. Anyone with a healthy grasp of scientific methodology taking a look at the social sciences at any depth is initially stunned and then outraged at the virtual absence of science in this so called discipline. And yet, every major university has a social sciences department, governments’ hire social scientists; the media quotes degreed professionals in the field and the public generally accepts this area as legitimate.


Terminology establishes legitimacy.


People who speak of the illuminati, the shadow government, the Masonic guild and the Bilderberger’s are usually treated as kook’s and loonies. Some of them are, but many of them are speaking of legitimate and documented people, organizations and ideas but the terms and labels they use make them sound batty.


There is a need for accurate descriptive terms and labels that aren’t dramatic (i.e. loony) sounding. The illuminati don’t exist and haven’t for a long time, so that term is inaccurate. The shadow government is a poor choice because the word shadow is overly dramatic and the word government implies a structure and organization that doesn’t exist. The Mason’s as a group are not malign or even very powerful. The Bilderberger’s (and CFR, Trilateral Commission, etc.) as a label isn’t inclusive enough and the name doesn’t have any descriptive meaning – it just doesn’t communicate.


The community of power is a descriptive and accurate label. It also isn’t so dramatic sounding as to come off as nutty. It also shows usefulness when it comes to thinking about the people involved and their actions.


Is there a community of power? Of course there is. Every town city and state has its community of influential people and they know, do business and socialize with each other. So naturally, it should come as no surprise that there is a community of the most powerful people in the world and they know, do business and socialize with each other.


The community of power isn’t organized; there are factions, alliances, disagreements and betrayals. There are levels of standing but they’re not clearly defined and quite often change. There are definitely common interests both economic and social. It is a community centered on accumulating and wielding power to change the world.


The existence of this community isn’t inherently wrong, that it considers the human population as animals and treats them as such is. This is why it is important to identify them and publicize their activities. First they need to be accurately labeled for what they are, the Community of Power.


Anonymous – Wing of Church of Scientology?

July 18, 2009

            Google “Scientology” and see how many hits you get. A lot huh? How about “Anonymous Scientology”? Hmm, almost as many.  If you don’t know (say, you’re living without electricity and newspapers in Antarctica) Anonymous is a group of well, anonymous people, who mostly gather online and are supposedly against Scientology.


            Recently, The Church of Scientology has begun a massive online advertising campaign. One might think this campaign is an attempt to combat the black hat tactics employed by Anonymous, but is it really? Or is it simply capitalizing on the public awareness created through the controversial ‘anonymous’ attacks.


            A long time media analyst has been quoted as saying, “It is far easier to rehabilitate a bad name that has had broad media coverage than it is to simply get good coverage in the first place.” And of course the old saw, “There’s no such thing as bad press” also comes to mind.


            If this were simply a short term capitalistic foray, the idea of instilling a poor image of your product on the public consciousness and then rehabilitating that image might seem a little ridiculous; but this is a religion. Scientology has big goals; ending war and crime, rights for honest people, etc. These aren’t short term objectives so maybe there is a worthwhile trade, publicity wise.


            There is also the point of establishing a religion, historically no simple task. “All major established religious sects have gone through persecution, attacks, and public smear campaigns. It’s like a right of passage for religions,” says one religious observer. “These attacks can strengthen their communities and even create sympathy in those who aren’t followers. The attacks also have the effect of filtering out the weak and fearful and attracting the interest of the bold and curious giving the upstart religion a very capable pool of talent to recruit from.”


            So is Anonymous the publicity wing of the Church of Scientology? It’s hard to say, they are anonymous after all. It could be anyone behind those masks, maybe John Travolta and Tom Cruise, who knows? Is it likely? No, not likely. Is Anonymous really doing long term damage to the Church of Scientology? It certainly doesn’t look like it. If anything it looks like they are plowing the fields for the growth of the world’s next major religion.


            And by the way, if it does turn out that Travolta and Cruise are behind those masks, you heard it here first.